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Two very small vaccinations could
save one very important life – YOURS.

MenACWY Vaccine

The MenACWY vaccine offers protection against four types of bacteria that can cause meningitis – meningococcal groups A, C, W and Y. Young teenagers, sixth formers and students going on to university for the first time should have the vaccination.

All teenagers around the age of 14 are offered this vaccine as part of the routine immunisation schedule. The MenACWY vaccine is usually given at school, at the same time as the tetanus, diptheria and polio booster. The MenACWY vaccine is also offered to first year university students* under the age of 25. 

If you’re unsure whether you have had the ACWY vaccination, you can check you are protected by speaking with your GP. Depending on your cohort, you may have only been vaccinated against MenC – it’s important to ensure you have had the full ACWY vaccination. 

* Most Scottish students will have already been offered the MenACWY.
If you live outside Scotland but are attending a university in Scotland, ensure you get the MenACWY vaccine before you go.



MenB Vaccine

The MenB vaccine helps to protect against disease caused by meningococcal group B (MenB) bacteria. MenB is the most common cause of bacterial meningitis in the UK and you will not be protected against it just by having the MenACWY vaccination. 

The vaccine is currently (since 2015) only available free on the NHS to babies. However, you can get the MenB vaccination privately. 

A variety of pharmacies (including Boots and Superdrug) travel clinics and private GP practices offer the vaccination at a cost. You should expect to pay around £100 per dose. 

Two doses of the vaccination are required, protection following one dose is limited. The brand name of the MenB vaccine used in the UK is Bexsero – you may hear it referred to this name too.

Teens for Tomorrow works in association with Meningitis Now as a signposting
organisation to ensure young people know the facts around meningitis and septicaemia.

Teens for Tomorrow is not a medical organisation and is not a charity.

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